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Dental implants are the titanium screws which mimic the natural tooth root. Dental implants are made in order to restore the missing teeth.

Bone and implant surfaces establish  tight bond,  it allows to the function as natural teeth. Biting and chewing  stimulate bone and prevent bone resorption around the implant

Mouth is restored with its natural state by the use of dental implants. With implants, missing teeth is treated without any cut on the adjacent teeth. If you have missing teeth and you don’t have any negative situation, implant  is the most accurate treatment.

Implant Treatment -How to Apply?

Implant surgery is usually performed under local anesthesia.  Implant is placed into the bone with surgical procedure. When it is required,  stitches are used. 1 week after the operation, stitches are removed. According to the bone quality, usually we have to wait for 1.5 – 2 months for bone and implant integration. After a waiting period implant prosthesis is prepared and treatment is finished.

Implant Treatment-When to Apply

Dental implants can be applied in the situation of missing single tooth, multiple missing teeth and the total missing teeth.

 Missing Single Tooth

There are two treatment options  for missing single tooth, traditional porcelain bridge or single implant. For bridge, adjacent two teeth must be covered iwith crown. With dental implants, missing tooth can be replaced without any damage on natural teeth. By this way, the life of natural teeth  is prolonged and bone loss is prevented  where the missing tooth.

Multiple missing teeth

In this case, there are three treatment options: tooth-supported bridges, removable partial dentures and implant-supported bridges. In such a case,  implant-supported bridge is the best option in terms of comfort and preventing adjacent teeth.

Complete missing teeth

In these kind of patients more comfortable prosthesis can be made instead of removable prosthesis by the implants. The number of implants affect the dentures. Few are helpful in securing dentures from removing. Increasing the number of dental implants, it is possible to make completely fixed prosthesis  similar to natural teeth.

Maintenance of new teeth

Maintenance of dental implants is as important as caring for natural teeth. Teeth should be cleaned with dental floss , regularly brushed. If you take good care of your implants and your mouth, for a long time you can laugh, eat  and talk in a peace. Good oral hygiene is not only protects your implants, at the same time, protects your gums, bones and your remaining natural teeth.

In addition, a dentist must be visited every 6 months to make control. It allows the early intervention of any problem. You can use your teeth for many years without any problems.