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Complete Dentures

Full dentures are made for patients without any teeth. They are placed on the lower and upper palate and they are the traditional prosthesis which is removed. It is made by acrylic-based material. The metal frame can be positioned inside the acrylic to strengthen the dentures.

It is difficult to use that kind of prosthesis . Eating, talking and using it in a relaxed way  may take some time.

For many years it was the first option for toothless patient but by using dental implants, it is not popular anymore.

How is it prepared?

After the impression of jaws, individually trays are prepared.

Detailed impression is taken by these trays.

Then the localization of the teeth is determined by the wax template.

The teeth are placed in designed areas and it is tried in patient mouth. The position of the teeth, closure, aesthetics, effect on speech are evaluated.

Prosthesis are finished after it is approved by physicians and patients and it is delivered to patient.

Then it is controlled until the disturbing part is finished.