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Dr. Yasemin Budak Taştan was born in Ankara in 1982. She completed her education in Ankara and attanded to Hacettepe University Faculty of Dentistry in 2000.

Dr. Budak was graduated from Hacettepe University in 2005 and finished her doctorate programme in 2011 at the same university at Prosthetic Dentistry Department. She studied on implant retained dentures for her thesis.
She is specialist at prosthodontics. She is interested in dental aesthetics, smile design, dental implants, dentures, ceramic crowns and bridges and temporomandibular joint treatments. She is also interested in playing tennis and squash, Latin dance, yoga and reiki.

Scientific publications;
* Ph.D. Thesis: Comparison of Strenght, Retention and Stress Conduction of Implant Supported Bar Attachments Prepared from Different Materials (Ankara 2011)
* Effect of mixing techniques on bacterial attachment and disinfection time of polyether impression material.Guler U Budak Y, Ruh E, Ocal Y, Canay S, Akyon Y.
Eur J Dent. 2013 Sep; 7 (Suppl 1): S54-9.
* Dislodgement Resistance of Zirconia Copings Cemented onto Zirconia and Titanium Abutments. Güler, Budak Y, Queiroz JR, Ozcan M. Implant Dent. 2017 Apr 5.

Scientific presentations:

EAO 22nd Annual Scientific Meeting Dublin / Ireland European Association for Osseointegration-EAO – 10.2013
Zirconia, fiber and metal bar attachments: retention and strength
IADR 88th General Session and Exhibition, San Diego, California 19.03.2011
“Occlusal force effect on inlay restorations under different thermal condition”
IADR 88th General Session and Exhibition, Barcelona, ​​Spain 17.07.2010
“Effect of the disinfection time on polyether impression materials.”
“Effect of mixing tecnique on polyether impression materials”
Turkish Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Society 16th International Congress 08.11.2009
“Prosthetic rehabilitation of oroantral opening after sinus surgery”
European Prosthodontic Association, Pecs, Hungary 06.09.2008
“Prosthetic rehabilitation of decreased occlusal vertical dimension in a middle aged patient”
European Prosthodontic Association, Athens, Greece 13.10.2007
“Complex prosthetic rehabilitation of abdominal dentition in a 75-year-old patient: A case report”
Aegean Region Chamber of Dentists International Scientific Congress and Exhibition 29.04.2007
Restorative treatment of tooth coloration: Case report
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