Teeth Whitening

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Teeth Whitening

It is one of the most commonly performed method as aesthetic practice. Teeth can become yellow for many reasons. Due to the consumed foods (coffee, tea, cigarettes etc.) , aging or genetically teeth may get darker. Whitening is the method for changing  shades of the main color of teeth. It can be applied in two ways, including home-type and office type. In some cases, both methods can be applied together.

Process is applied by a physician in an office type. Special bleaching solution and special light emitting device (laser or high beam welding) are used for process. In the process, soft tissues, such as the cheeks, gums anf tounge  should be protected. Process takes approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour. Sometimes one session is enough  but sometimes procedure can be applied few sessions depending on whitening amount.

In the home-type, special plaque is prepared for patient.  Patients places bleaching solution in these plaques and wear it 4-6 hours at home. The concentration of the applied solution is low and  to reach the  desired whiteness  takes longer than office type.

Be Careful!

Tooth whitening is not a process that damage the teeth. After the procedure, teeth can be lightly sensitive for few days . In cases which the sensitivity is too much, the treatment should be discontinued. After a short time, the tooth sensitivity will pass.

During two weeks after the office type applied and during the period of  home-type application, you should be away from the colored drinks (tea, coffee, cola, cherry juice, red wine, etc.) and the food (tomatoes, colurful peppers, carrot etc.) Teeth should be cleaned more carefully. As far as possible colorless and white food should be consumed (white diet).